The 4 Benefits Of Using Business Cards In Marketing

25 June, 2021
Blank business cards on blue wood desk

In today’s age of technological advancements, you’d be forgiven for believing that digital reigns supreme. After all, with the rise of the internet and social media that we have seen over recent years, many of us now find ourselves turning to digital means in order to communicate, shop and, ultimately, live out our lives.

However, as research has proved time and time again, print-based materials still play a pivotal role in today’s society – and especially from a marketing perspective.

In this article, we have decided to shine the spotlight on one of the best known and widely used forms of printed material in the business world. A true marketing favourite: the business card.

So, join us as we run through some of the key benefits of using business cards in your company, and highlight a few of the main reasons why they are still such an important tool to have at your disposal.

1 – Business cards are affordable

Due to their size and ease of printing, business cards are relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk.

Plus, once they have been correctly designed, put into a template and made into the correct file format, they can be incredibly easy to print at short notice, making them an ideal option for last minute events and networking opportunities.

2 – Business cards are great for networking

While on the subject of networking, handing a business card over to somebody can be a great way of spreading the word about who you are, who your company is and what exactly you do.

Say, for example, you get talking to a potential client at a conference. Having a business card available to hand out to them will not only allow your business to stay fresh in their mind, but it will also provide them with an opportunity to easily make contact at a later date.

3 – Business cards are easy to distribute

Thanks to the pocketable size of business cards, this makes them very easy to distribute.

Whether it be as a static display on a shop counter, in a bowl at a networking event or simply pinned up on a notice board, business cards are highly marketable and can be distributed more or less anywhere your target clients or consumers are likely to encounter them.

What’s more, consumers and clients are more likely to hold onto them for longer, since they aren’t awkward to carry and they aren’t particularly cumbersome to take with them.

4 – Business cards remember contact details

Phone numbers, email addresses and names can be easy to forget.

However, business cards counteract this issue, capturing all the important information about an individual or a company in one place to make it easier to recall over the long run. This, in turn, can help form longer lasting business relationships, giving them the opportunity to contact you if and when they need to.

Final thoughts…

While the world of digital may be constantly evolving and seemingly taking over the business world, as the points above should now prove, print marketing in the form of business cards still has a pivotal role to play.

If you are looking to print and design the ideal business card for your company, our blog is full of great ideas to help you get started. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our team today to find out more about the range of other marketing materials we can print for your business.