5 Effective Ways To Advertise Your Post-Pandemic Event

22 July, 2021
5 Ways to

Now that the world is slowly returning to some semblance of normality, many of the events that were postponed in light of the pandemic are starting to be advertised more and more frequently.

As a result of this, businesses around the globe are starting to find their feet again, looking for effective methods of getting customers interested in their events and getting them through their doors.

So, with this in mind, we thought we would compile a list of the best ways to advertise events after the pandemic, highlighting some of the most effective print marketing materials worth investing in now that more people are starting to return to the streets again.


Whatever your event may be, flyers are a sure-fire way to generate interest and help ensure it gets seen by more people.

Whether it be an upcoming sale you’re running, a charity fundraiser you’re taking part in or a summer festival you’re hosting, customers will only be able to find out about your event if you actually tell them.

If you’d rather steer clear from having to post flyers through doors as well, asking local shop keepers to advertise your event in their window is a tried and tested method of not only generating more interest but encouraging word of mouth around the local area as well.

Business Cards

On the day of the event itself, it’s important to stay in the mind of your consumers for as long as you can – and business cards could help you do exactly that.

If, for example, you are hosting more of a post-pandemic networking event for various other local businesses, having business cards available to hand out to interested competitors, consumers and investors could help when forming longer lasting relationships.

Plus, well-designed business cards set a good impression, demonstrating to others how professional and well-organised you and your business both are.

Digital Advertising

In today’s day and age of the internet and social media, advertising your event via these means is pretty much imperative.

From Facebook marketing to YouTube advertising, there are now a number of different ways to utilise digital channels to get your event seen and engaged with by more people.

However, doing so can be a complicated and slightly arduous process without the correct level of knowhow. As such, be sure to check out our post-pandemic marketing hints and tips for details on how to get started.

Magazines & Newspapers

While on the topic of advertising your event, placing an advert for it in your local magazine or newspaper can be a highly effective method of interested consumers coming across it.

Whether you decide to use some tongue-in-cheek humorous advertising to grab attention or go for a tried and tested simplistic design, print-based advertising channels still play a major role in today’s society.

What’s more, you could even use your advert as a means to offer some sort of incentive for attending your event. From discount codes to free drink vouchers to utilising digital techniques, there are a number of great ways to utilise your advert in more ways than one.


In a similar way to flyers, posters are effectively a large scale alternative that, when designed in the right style and format, can garner a lot of interest.

If, for example, you are running an online sale on your website, using a clear font and a bold colour scheme could grab a lot of attention, encouraging consumers to head onto the site while walking around town or waiting for their bus.

Here at YouLovePrint, we can print a wide range of marketing materials to help advertise any upcoming events you are running. So, why not contact us to see what we can do? Whatever your requirements may be, get in touch with our team and we’d be more than happy to help.