3 Ways To Increase Your Business’ Profitability Through Printed Media

9 December, 2020

After the year we’ve all had to endure up to this point, standing out as a small business is now more important than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed pretty much everything, after all, leading to the collapse of certain industries and a rapid movement towards remote working.

Therefore, with the new year just around the corner, we thought we’d compile a few ideas together highlighting exactly how you can keep your business profitable through one of the most reliable advertising methods there is: print marketing.

Whether it be flyers posted through doors, posters put up around the town or handing leaflets out at networking events, there are a number of effective ways to market your business by utilising print materials.

And yes, while we’re not denying digital marketing techniques don’t also have their perks, print marketing offers a much more personal approach – something all customers will appreciate within the current climate.

1. Create Bespoke Business Cards

Social distancing may be all the rage right now but, eventually, the world will return to some sense of normality.

So, when that day arrives, be ready for it by having your very own bespoke business cards designed, printed and available to hand out at any networking events you attend.

Regardless of how big digital marketing gets, nothing will ever beat the feeling of face-to-face contact.

What’s more, research has shown that seven out of ten people judge a business based on their business card’s design. Therefore, it needs to be good.

Think carefully about how you want your business to come across to your customers.

Only include information that’s relevant and, if you’re feeling brave, consider using some out-of-the-box thinking to design a business card that will stick long in the memory – you may just notice your profit increasing if you do.

2. Purchase Advertising Space

Being profitable is all about standing out, engaging with a large pool of consumers to fulfil whatever needs they have.

Therefore, rather than relying on your own print marketing materials to stand out, why not utilise the help of others?

After all, there are thousands of printed magazines and catalogues still in circulation which rely on advertising to stay afloat.

As such, by designing your own company advert, this could help you be seen by a much larger audience than you could potentially reach on your own.

3. Design Coupon Flyers

To stay profitable as a company, you need repeat business. So, to ensure your customers stay onside, offering incentives through the forms of offers and coupons is a great idea.

Whether it be a 10% discount for existing customers, a buy-one-get-one-free sale or a points-based initiative, there are a number of great ways to encourage your customers to buy from your business more than once.

Why not, for instance, design a flyer for your business with a coupon or two added at the bottom?

You could even set up and add a QR code for customers to access your website or further details about the offer more quickly.

Final Thoughts…

Being successful in business fundamentally comes down to two things – standing out and making profit.

By utilising the three methods listed above, you will put your business in the best possible position, not only attracting new customers through your doors but also retaining any existing business you already have.

For further advice on how to use print marketing to your advantage, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team here at YouLovePrint.